SPOOFE (jmspoofe) wrote,

The last episode of the season...

As we are approaching the season finale of The Shield... excuse me a second...


... I must reflect, I suppose, on how much stuff has happened this season, and touch on the interesting phenomenon that is this amazing show.

Look at how many stories have been written about The Shield simply from our own speculation. At the beginning of the season, we had theories that Glenn Close was crooked, that Shane and Vic would have a grand, to-the-death showdown at the end of the season, that Shane would kill Antwon Mitchell (which still might happen... nah, probably not), that Shane would kill Vic, that Vic would kill Shane, that Dutch would kill Shane, that Dutch would somehow find out about the money train, that Armadillo Quintero would rise from the grave and come for revenge, that Vic would find a gateway to another galaxy and steal a Star Destroyer and conquer the solar system, that Aceveda would kill Vic, that Glenn Close would kill Vic, that Julien would kill Antwon...

In short, we've gone all over the map. This show has kept our fevered little brains hopping and guessing like obedient little bunnies just aching for a fix of the old ultra-violence, eh, my droogs? Every second of the show is like seeing all the best high-tension thriller movies back-to-back in fast-forward with all but the bare essential talking bits thrown in. Our brains become so over-stimulated that the sheer BULK and QUALITY of the material needs to be shunted over into quantum alternate universes, where other episodes have been made that do, indeed, follow the crazed storylines that we predict. It's not so much that our guesses are wrong... no no, far from it... just that there is, indeed, some parallel dimension where Dutch said the right thing and is still boning Corinne, or where Claudette actually became Captain and screwed things up in a royal way.

Unfortunately for us, we don't get to enjoy these alternate realities... no, we're stuck in this one, where Army screwed the boys over, where Shane came to his senses and asked for help, where Aceveda screwed over the entire investigation just to keep his shame a secret... this is the world we live in... but we can still rest easy knowing that, somewhere in this crazy, mixed-up, godless universe of ours, somewhere in the multiversal cosmos, those other stories, those "might-have-beens", if you will... where THOSE stories were aired, and had their own conclusion, instead.

The Shield. Good fuck, The Shield.
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