SPOOFE (jmspoofe) wrote,


I haven't updated in a while. Some things have happened. This is an undeniable fact. In all likelihood, they were relatively uneventful, at least in the cosmic sense.

Today: Annoyance. Argh. I woke up all early and responsible. Picked up Chris. Got to work. Realized I forgot my social security card and my high school diploma, which HR needs to process my final shit. So I drive home and start tearing up the house looking for 'em. Takes a few hours, since "places where important shit is stored" have been shuffled all over the house in the past few months. Finally find the SS card in a filing cabinet under some boxes. Can't find the certificate... might hafta get a duplicate.

Get back to work, frustrated and annoyed. Have words with Laura; they take the card, I tell 'em I'll bring in the diploma tomorrow or Friday. I might even do it, too. I then have to call the drug test place and schedule another samplin'... but I need the phone number. Which Laura E-mailed to me. So I have to set up my computer's account so I can log on and set up my E-mail account so I can log on and check the E-mail so I can call the place. Phew. I get stuck at "set up my E-mail account", so I surrenders, walk over to Laura, and ask for the number. Like, with my voice. The thing that's imbedded in my jaw and throat? That thing.

So I call the place, get put on hold for about twenty minutes. It's not often I'm put on hold, so I relished the experience for all it was worth. I finally spoke with a human again, only to be told that the doctor was out. So I call up Irma and tell her the doctor was out. So I'm to call again tomorrow morning, THEN call Irma AGAIN when all is said and done, and tell her what was said and done.

Hey, Chris, wanna take a break?
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