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The Squozen Log

Blame is for God and small children

13 June
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Lot #511a
Unit Designate {Animalia Chordata Mammalia Primata Hominidae Homo Sapiens Sapiens SPOOFE}
Slightly used. Cantankerous in mornings, afternoons, and most evenings. Strict diet of food only. Requires intermittent booster shots of unhealthiness. Flammable when wet. Buyer beware.

Other Available Items from this Seller:
-Twenty of the thirty-two Dino vitamins that actually worked; A sack of sax; A purple cloak named Steve; Solidified space/time; Hitler's Mickey Mouse boxer shorts; More sense than style;

"A first sign of the beginning of understanding is the wish to die." - Franz Kafka
5.1.1.a, abrasiveness, absurdism, acting, actual beers, analyzing, anandtech, attack of the uberpimps, baryons, bearhead bill, being right, bizarrity, bob and george, bob odenkirk, booze, bose-einstein condensate, bud dickman, cecil adams, chandrasekhar limit, chemicals, cherenkov radiation, church hill, climate of beer, color glass condensate, computer games, computers, consider phlebas, counterstrike, critique, d'angelo barksdale, david byrne, david cross, david g. hall, degenerate matter, deltaco, dichotomy, doom, drawing, einstein's parrot, electronica, excession, explodingdog, facetiousness, fandango, far cry, fermions, filming, frank sobotka, frodo the puppet, gadgets, gastrointestinality, george acosta, gluons, gravity, hadrons, half life, halo, hardocp, high contrast, hitler antenna ball, homer heche, hunter s. thompson, hyperons, iain m. banks, inexpensive food, jimmy mcnulty, lady lucy, layered universe, line item veto, look to windward, mada, madnosity, mesons, mr. show, naked singularities, neoconformity, new technology, nipples, normal-head freak-boy, novels, omar little, omega point theory, overshirts, pauli's exclusion principle, penny arcade, pentaquarks, phil hendrie, photography, player of games, pomposity, pronunciation duels, psychedelics, quake, quantum chromodynamics, quantum waveform collapse, quark-gluon plasma, quarks, r.c. collins, reading, red thing, roger waters, schlock mercenary, schrödinger's cat, science fiction, sdmb, senator tankerbell, serendipity, serenity, shrunken-head freak-boy, stage managing, straight dope, strangelets, strangeness, surrealism, sydcrament, tachyons, talking heads, techno, ted bell, the culture, the great intoxication, the shield, the wire, theatre, they might be giants, throwing pennies, tomshardware, trance, underpants, use of weapons, vector jikag, video games, weaponry, windbaggery, writing, yello, you got raped, zounds